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Client portal Terms & Conditions

By requesting the set-up of an e-learning portal you are deemed to have read and accepted the terms of use for all Conduct Matters Ltd e-learning students and purchasers (Customers) and also the following terms which specifically apply to the purchase of a client e-learning portal.

A full copy of these terms will be issued with your annual invoice.

The client e-learning portal is provided to the client by Conduct Matters Ltd as an annual contract which commences from the date the client is provided with access to its portal, which is set up after payment of the annual fee of £500+ VAT.

You can add and manage your own learners who will be able to access the training using the Conduct Matters e-learning portal link. You can add the link to your intranet.

A: Contact

To set up the portal, the client must provide contact details for the following:

  1. The person responsible for invoicing, and
  2. The person who will be undertaking admin activities

The client must update Conduct Matters Ltd should this information change.

Conduct Matters Ltd needs to be able to notify clients about any changes to the system and new/updated training. The person with administrative responsibility will be added to the notification list. The client should notify Conduct Matters Ltd if others need to be added to this list for such notifications.

B: Fees

Please note the fees shown are as currently apply to all new and existing clients. Any change to fee levels will be applied to new clients and any existing clients at renewal.

C: Courses

The client will specify which Conduct Matters Ltd courses it wishes to access and they will be added to the portal allowing the client to add and manage learners for the fees shown. The client version of these courses will include any updates.

When a new course is added to the Conduct Matters Ltd catalogue the client will be given the option for it to be added to its portal.

D: Client training

Client’s own training can be added to its portal, subject to:

  1. The client owning the rights to share the course in this way.
  2. The course being provided via email or in SCORM format
  3. A fee of £50+VAT per course uploaded, payable at the end of each calendar quarter
  4. Conduct Matters Ltd will use best endeavours to upload each course within 2 weeks of request.
  5. The client retains intellectual property ownership of its own training content. Conduct Matters Ltd will not use, sell or share this content.

E: Enrolment fees

Enrolment fees are invoiced at the end of each calendar quarter and calculated as follows:

  1. Conduct Matters Ltd course: £20 + VAT each learner enrolment
  2. The client’s own courses: £5 + VAT each learner enrolment

Fees are payable within 30 days of invoicing.

F: Renewal

30 days before the expiry of the annual agreement, a renewal invoice will be issued to the client setting out any fee changes and requesting payment of the next annual fee. If the annual fee is not paid by expiry then this arrangement will terminate.

G: Mid-term termination

This agreement can be terminated mid-term in the following circumstances:

  1. This agreement will be immediately terminated mid-term if either party ceases trading or is to go into liquidation. A pro-rata refund of the annual fee, offset against any quarterly fees due, will be issued at the point the client portal is closed down.
  2. Should Conduct Matters Ltd withdraw the service, notice will be provided to the client as early as possible. A pro-rata refund of the annual fee, offset against any quarterly fees due, will be issued at the point the client portal is closed down.
  3. Should the client fail to pay any mid-term fee within 30 days of invoicing, then 14 days notice of termination will be issued (via email) to the client. No refund of the annual fee will be provided and a final invoice for all outstanding fees will be issued at point of termination.

H: Termination

At point of termination:

  1. Administration access will be removed.
  2. Learner results data will be stored for a period of 30 days and will be supplied in an excel csv format upon request.
  3. In the instance of non-payment, Conduct Matters Ltd may withhold results data pending payment.
  4. All results data will be deleted 60 days after termination.

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