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Conduct Matters

Sally Pearce: Founder and Owner of Conduct Matters


My career in insurance first began in 1979. After 20 years as an underwriter, I moved to specialise in conduct risk, dispute resolution and customer experience.

I set up my company in 2014. My mission is to help small and medium-sized insurance firms understand and embrace the regulatory requirements relating to conduct risk and fair treatment of customers. In 2018 I created my e-learning catalogue, allowing customers to buy training designed and created by me.

I am dedicated to continuing to create engaging, useful and effective e-learning solutions on a variety of relevant topics. For each course, I use my knowledge and experience alongside my ability to translate existing or new regulatory requirements into easy-to-digest and high impact course content, for companies like yours.

I have worked with some big names in my time. I was part of the The Society of Lloyd's Underwriting and Claims Standards Review team, working with managing agents (including onboarding of new syndicates) to make sure they were compliant. I worked for the Financial Ombudsman Service and a number of companies, including Brit Insurance, where I headed the complaint function and qualified as a mediator

Christine Lewis: Conduct Consultant


I joined the Conduct Matters team in 2020, as a Conduct Consultant (Complaints Management), working alongside Sally.

A big part of my 24 years of experience in the industry has been dispute resolution. I have 21 years insurance dispute resolution expertise at the Insurance Ombudsman Bureau and at the Financial Ombudsman Service. I have knowledge of general insurance products, regulation and compliance. I was often used as a technical advisor and referral point for ombudsmen and other senior colleagues in the industry as well as high level external business stakeholders on complaints handling and complex jurisdiction issues.

I have also practiced Reiki for 13 years and I am a qualified Tui Na Chinese Medical Massage Therapist. I have been working towards qualification as an Acupuncturist in the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) discipline and love that I am able to do this alongside my work in the insurance industry.

Samantha Hogwood: Support Services


For more than 20 years I worked as a PA at senior management and Board level in London, commuting daily from my home in Tonbridge. As exciting as it is to be fully immersed in the City of London, the long days, commute and demands of the job often left me exhausted, impacting my personal life. Today I run my virtual assistant business Escape from the City from my home, with the company of my 2 cats.

I lend my skills as a PA to Sally and Christine, so they can focus on the job they need to do. I am here to make sure administration doesn’t get in the way of the team getting the job done and I am very happy to help. 

We have experience in

  • Creating and managing conduct frameworks (including creation of policies and procedures)Sally Pearce
  • Working with delegated authority teams to incorporate conduct risk due diligence and binder oversight
  • Designing and delivering customer-centric training, including board presentations and e-learning
  • Setting up and participating in product oversight groups (and providing customer challenge)
  • Producing market reports for meeting/board packs
  • Developing conduct and customer service management information
  • Setting up new Lloyd's syndicates
  • Managing root cause analysis activity
  • Providing expert support, challenge and sign-off for high conduct risk activity
  • Undertaking coverholder audits
  • Undertaking GDPR information audit as well as creating framework, training and guidance
  • Investigating and resolving complaints

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