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  • Co-working - the new normal

    Co-working - the new normal

    21st October 2020

    One element of running my own business that I love is the flexibility of where I choose to work. I have a home office, sometimes I work in my kitchen or (in the summer) in the garden. Before the Covid-19 pandemic, I would often join other local business owners to work together in a local café. Many of you are now experiencing “working from home” for the first time and may well be seeing it as a permanent part of your working life, going forward. Does this worry you? Are you already feeling a bit lonely or desperate to get out. I’m hearing stories of homeworking improving mental health and productivity, so all those firms who previously told staff they couldn’t work from home - as they needed to monitor what everyone was up to – are now eating their words. Of course, it’s not all great. Not everyone has an ideal home environment to set up a homeworking space and many find it too quiet and isolating. Humans are essentially herd animals – we love company. This is why I...

  • The importance of understanding your customer experience

    The importance of understanding your customer experience

    6th October 2020

    When you design products do you think about it from the perspective of your customers?  It's not just a regulatory requirement but it's also a commercial necessity. If you understand your customers then it's easier to find them, connect to them and provide them with a service that delights...

  • Getting the most from the 15 hours required learning

    Getting the most from the 15 hours required learning

    14th September 2020

    How are you doing with the new(ish) Insurance Distribution Directive requirements documented by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), to complete at least 15 hours of training each year? Have you been struggling to find courses that interest you. Is it becoming a tick box exercise?  It...

  • What goes into creating courses?

    What goes into creating courses?

    10th September 2020

    It can take about 200 hours to develop an insurance e-learning course, sometimes up to 700 hours for the more technical and in-depth courses. This is part of the reason why I decided to help small businesses with their conduct and customer service training.  Small and medium-sized firms...

  • Wedding worries and honeymoon blues

    Wedding worries and honeymoon blues

    1st September 2020

    Your wedding day is often said to be the happiest day of your life. Well it's been a struggle for engaged couples wanting to get married this year.  There are around 250,000 weddings in the UK each year (according to the Office of National Statistics) and most of those are during the summer...

  • Why does conduct matter?

    Why does conduct matter?

    24th August 2020

    Do you ever wonder why good conduct matters? It's not just about regulation. It's something I look at in my elearning courses and so I thought it was worth sharing my thoughts. ReputationSo much is shared on the internet. If people are unhappy, they talk about it on Twitter and post bad reviews....

  • Taking the frustration out of claims and complaints

    Taking the frustration out of claims and complaints

    10th August 2020

    Does this look like a familiar letter to you? Sadly, many travel insurers will have received these letters. Creating even more work and unhappy customers. Dear [undisclosed insurer], I have tried to contact you on numerous occasions, to try and make a claim on my insurance. I was due to go and...

  • Out of office until 2021?

    Out of office until 2021?

    3rd August 2020

    Many of my friends working in insurance are having conversations with their employers about when they will be returning to their offices. Most aren't in a hurry to get back to the daily grind of a 2 hour commute and a rushed sandwich at the desk lunch hour. Returning home to dinner and then...

  • Millions of vulnerable customers need our support

    Millions of vulnerable customers need our support

    14th July 2020

    Did you know there are millions of people in the UK who are vulnerable?  Between March 2018 and April 2019 the Trussell Trust gave out more than 1.6million emergency food parcels. This was a 19% increase on the previous year and over half a million of those went to children.  Does...

  • Post lockdown and the art of being flexible

    Post lockdown and the art of being flexible

    13th July 2020

    I remember leaving university, armed with a steadfast conviction that I didn’t want to pursue a career in law. Numbers were never my thing, so that ruled out Accountancy too. But the insurance industry looked interesting! As a potential career for life, it appealed to my unusually risk averse 21...

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