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Why my clock stopped

16th February 2021

Why my clock stopped

Last week my clock stopped. I had bought it a few years ago and it was ideal for my yoga studio (yes I teach yoga as well as run Conduct Matters) so I was very frustrated. 

I was annoyed and told my husband I would have to look for a new one. Then he pointed out that maybe it just needed a new battery. He was right my clock just needed a little boost, some new energy and now it's back to full health. 

I had made the assumption that because it wasn't working the problem was terminal. I am seeing this all around at the moment. The impact of Covid-19 is really bringing us down. People are losing their jobs and those still in work are finding it hard going, often working longer hours and/or juggling round home schooling. It feels so draining that we can feel as if we are sinking deeper and deeper into a hole.

But I have realised that just like my clock we can all find something to give us a boost. Whether it's a zoom call with the family, an online yoga class or a walk in the sunshine - we find things that can lift us. The focus of my business is to help firm's create a culture where staff are happy and feel motivated, this feeds into customer service. It makes good sense to have a happy and supportive work culture.

I've been quiet for the last few weeks. This isn't because things are terminal but just because after so long living with a society severely impacted by Covid-19 I was tired. I wanted to quieten and enjoy some calmness, take a short break from chats about 200 page FCA reports. Now I'm back, and ready to talk about vulnerability and operational resilience. I've also got new e-learning software to play with - I'm just about to start transferring all my learning onto the new software and have already uploaded a client's inhouse conduct risk awareness course onto my e-learning platform using the new software. They will be able to enrol learners and track their progress. 

The next few months looks exciting for me.  

Author: Sally Pearce (Conduct Matters Ltd)

Sally Pearce started Conduct Matters in 2014 after 35 years working in the insurance industry. She was originally an underwriter, but since 2000 has worked in dispute resolution and helping Insurance firms understand how to treat their customers fairly. Her experience includes working for the Financial Ombudsman, in the Lloyd’s market and dealing with regulators. Sally is ACII, a qualified mediator and yoga teacher. She is also available for public speaking.

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