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What goes into creating courses?

10th September 2020

What goes into creating courses?

It can take about 200 hours to develop an insurance e-learning course, sometimes up to 700 hours for the more technical and in-depth courses. This is part of the reason why I decided to help small businesses with their conduct and customer service training. 

Small and medium-sized firms find it hard to find time to read regulations then develop and test courses. It can be expensive to buy them off the shelf too.

I thought it may be interesting to look at the stages of creating e-learning courses.

The Idea

A course starts with an idea. Sometimes I read or hear a story that sparks a little idea, I read more and get interested and before I know where I am I'm starting a storyboard.

Most of my courses either come from a client suggestion or are based on something issued by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) or Lloyd's of London. 


The next step is to create a storyboard. I do this in Powerpoint, because it's easy to move the pages around and see how the course flows. 

Essentially, all the material gets pasted into Powerpoint and I start refining and restructuring, removing duplication and creating a flow. At the same time, I research, finding more information and stories to include in the course and bring it to life.


Once I have the flow and information structured how I want, I create the on-line course itself (Using the Nimble software). This is where I can get creative, using the e-learning tools and adding images to make the course interesting and engaging. It can be quite a challenge to convert heavily worded documents into courses - it's not unusual for FCA papers to be more than 100 pages long and contain lots of duplication. 

This can take weeks. It is not unusual for me to spend a whole day crafting just one page. I also like to step away and come back to see how the course is developing with a fresh pair of eyes.  

Then when it's all done I create the assessment pool. Usually at least 20 questions. 10 are selected at random (but across the whole course) when the learner does the course assessment. 

2nd pair of eyes

Once I am happy the course is reviewed by Sam. She checks for (and corrects) typos, layout and makes sure the design is as per the Conduct Matters course style guide. She also does a readability and sense check from the perspective of a learner and we discuss her concerns.  


At last it's time for the release. The course is made live and available to my clients.  I create a taster version to share so that anyone can take a look at what the course is about.

So why do I do it?

All that work! It's quite a journey to create any training course. But I love it. I love how I get to be very creative with e-learning, finding ways to engage learners and telling them stories to keep them interested. 

And I get to do this from my garden, or maybe in a team meeting with Sam at a local co-working venue (code for cafe or wine bar). 

But essentially, I do it because I firmly believe there are lots of small/medium insurance firms who don't have the time, money and resources to create good learning for their staff. I can help them. I have the system to create learning and host/produce the reports they need. From £600+VAT per annum (for 30 enrollments) a client gets to access my courses via their own cloud-based learning management system. They can manage their learners and see reports of who has done what training. It's suddenly very affordable. Taken alongside my own real world knowledge and understanding of the regulator I think it's a bit of a bargain (I suppose I would say that). 

Author: Sally Pearce (Conduct Matters Ltd)

Sally Pearce started Conduct Matters in 2014 after 35 years working in the insurance industry. She was originally an underwriter, but since 2000 has worked in dispute resolution and helping Insurance firms understand how to treat their customers fairly. Her experience includes working for the Financial Ombudsman, in the Lloyd’s market and dealing with regulators. Sally is ACII, a qualified mediator and yoga teacher. She is also available for public speaking.

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