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Conduct Matters

Conduct Risk and fair treatment of your customers are a vital part of financial services regulation. They also matter because customers who are unhappy will quickly share that displeasure and move to another service provider.

The insurance industry is a customer focused business - the product and associated services have to meet your customer's' reasonable needs and expectations. Do you need help understanding those needs and addressing them?

Do you have a robust Conduct Risk Framework that sets out your approach to creating and managing your products to ensure customers are treated fairly?

The Insurance Distribution Directive requires 15 hours of CPD training per year. Do you need help providing that training?

I provide advice/support and training on Conduct Risk, including access to my catalogue of training, you can either buy enrolment(s) on certain courses or I can give you administrative access to manage an agreed catalogue of courses that can include a mixture of my courses and others you have created. Just think, your own Learning Management System for only £500 a year plus discounted enrolment fees. I can even add your logo to my courses that are in your catalogue. Find out more on my client portal information page.

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